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I had fun with my dad earlier. It’s my 1st time to hang out with him at the mall :)
aaaannddd… I’m currently doing my homework in advance, so that I won’t have anything to worry about this coming weeks. (He paid for this cute journal since I didn’t have cash with me. lol.)
Well, I actually have an interview tomorrow at 3:50pm in Hollister (Hillsdale Mall).
Wish me luck!! :D


I just passed the exam!Super thanks to God for all the blessings!!

I just passed the exam!
Super thanks to God for all the blessings!!


Only 3 people got an A+ in my ENGL class aannddd I’M ONE OF THEM!:D
I really thank my alma matter (I.B.A.) for the hard training… It really paid off!
alright, few classes to go!

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I’m nearly there, babe.

I just can’t fvcking wait to have you already! lol.


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Okay, hindi ako desperadong makahanap. May mga panahon lang talaga na hindi mo maiwasan ‘yung ma-inggit lalo na sa mga kaibigan mo o minsan hindi mo lang maiwasan na talagang miss mo ‘yung may taong pinapahalagahan ko maliban pa sa mga kaibigan mo at pamilya mo. Nakakamiss lang talaga.

THIS. the fvckng feeling.

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It was my 1st day at work! :)
Well, it was fine though I’m still kind of nervous on this one that’s why I edited my photos on what determines or how I felt earlier. The left most one represents being “nervous” and the right most one is “excited”. (notice their colors, it’s like hot and cold.)
I encountered a lot of customers earlier and I thank God it wasn’t rush hour and it went pretty well.
I’ll make another post regarding it soon.



My unfinished essay :) 4 chapters to go!
…But suddenly, I got to read the mechanics late.
okay, I’m f*cked. lol.

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